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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my company signed up for MoversSuite Warehouse?
    • Simply contact us through either email, phone, or by using the

Contact Us

    form and our professional team of warehouse management specialists will get you off to a great start.
What technology is utilized to develop MoversSuite Warehouse?
    MoversSuite Warehouse is a cloud-based software application that runs on top of Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions. It is a multi-tenant solution providing subdomains for each tenant you wish to establish and is accessible from any device and is tablet ready.
Is MoversSuite Warehouse safe and secure?
    Yes! MoversSuite Warehouse provides many safeguards to ensure your data is secured. Some of these safeguards include the following:

      • Hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution with their top-of-the-industry compliance and privacy certifications. Read more.
      • OWASP Top 10 Security Compliant. Read more.
      • Automated, continuous backups
How many warehouse companies can I establish?
    You can establish any number of unique companies and as many warehouses within each company as needed. Each company will have its own unique tenant identifier and unique URL for safe and secure access.
Does MoversSuite Warehouse support companies working internationally?
    MoversSuite Warehouse does not provide support for international warehousing at this time. Look for this feature being added in an upcoming release.
Can my customers see information regarding their items?
    Yes. You can provide user access scalable to fit any need. So, if you wish to have your customers view their inbound and outbound transactions, you can provide them with user access with just enough privileges to view their content. You can also set up your customers to schedule transactions and update inventory, as well.
Is there a recommended browser for MoversSuite Warehouse?
    Recommended browsers for MoversSuite Warehouse include the following:

      • Google Chrome (latest stable version)
      • Mozilla Firefox (latest stable version)
      • Microsoft Edge (latest stable version)
      • Safari on iPad
How often are MoversSuite Warehouse features and functionality updated?
    • New features and updates occur monthly through a continuously integrated release cycle. You can read about recently added features and updates through our

Release History

Are there any great features anticipated in future releases of MoversSuite Warehouse?
    • Yes. We anticipate the following features being added in upcoming releases:

      • Billing by cubic feet


    • Import for the following:

        • Customers
        • Locations
        • Vaults
        • Pallets
        • Initial Inventory Import
What is your Privacy Policy?
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User Guides & Videos

Quick Start Guide
    Utilize the following videos to assist you in designing, implementing, and using MoversSuite Warehouse.
Overview of MoversSuite Warehouse

MSWhse - MoversSuite Warehouse

Release History

November 28, 2019

The main goal of the release is to improve the application usability by integrating improvements on the transactions, invoice history and customers level.


The following changes were made on the transactions level:

    Outbound: Only items with a minimum storage of 1 are available for selection when an outbound transaction is created. The check is done considering the PO No's, Inventory No's and Serial No's associated with the selected inventory item. Sticky Item Section + Integration of a scroll
    Inbound: Sticky Item Section + Integration of a scroll. Selection of the same vault/pallet/location if there is an expiration date associated with the selected inventory item. UI changes on the location section + Integration of the Set Another Location check-box for consistency purposes
    Adjustments:The option to Add an Item No on an Empty Location was added on the transaction page


    Item No: Export the list of created item no's on each customer level

Invoice History

    Invoice History Export to Excel:Changes on the export of the Invoice History: Item Code: Base Rate Name; and Additional Charge Note or Description if there is no Note. ItemId: Base Rate Name; and Additional Charge Name
November 4, 2019

The main goal of this release was to deploy the PO No Functionalities, Expected Quantity, Inactivate of Billing on a Customer Level and the Removal of the Combination of Positions on the Automatic Location Builder.

  • PO No Functionalities integration on:
    1. Item No level
      Items Import
      Inbound Transactions
      Move Location Transactions
      Snapshot Transactions
      Stock Transactions
      Stock Import
      Outbound Transactions
      Adjustments Transactions + Add Item No
      Move Quantity Transactions
      Inventory Report
      FIFO Inventory Report
      Expected Quantity Report
      + FIFO on the Notifications E-mails
      + FIFO on the Delivery Ticket
  • Message on Login Page after the session of a user has expired
  • Stock Import – Available at all times + Changed the label of the Completed Date by Start Bill Date
  • Inventory Report by Location + Export to Exce
September 9, 2019
The following new features have been added at this version:
  • Removal of the Combination of positions from the Automatic
  • Location Builder
  • Inbound/Add Stock – FIFO
  • Items Import – FIFO
  • Stock Import – FIFO
  • Outbound – FIFO
  • Move Location – FIFO
  • Move Quantity – FIFO
  • Adjustments + Add Item Pop-up – FIFO
  • New Adjustment Item No – Expired Item
  • Snapshot – FIFO
  • FIFO Inventory Report
  • Inactivate Billing on the Customer Level
  • Inactivate Billing on the Customers Import
  • Expected Quantity on the Item No level
  • Expected Quantity on the Items Import
  • Expected Quantity Report + Export to Excel
  • Hamburger Menu on the mobile devices
  • Check on the Default Data Insertion
July 17, 2019

The main goal of this release was to implement the Stock Import, Cubic Feet functionalities, Move Location functionalities in the Move Quantity transactions, edit the Bill Type Quantity for Items No with Rate Types CWT, SQFT, CUFT and include a double validation on the Finalize button from the Generate Invoices table.

  • Implement the Stock Import (WD-1433, WD-1733)
  • Implement Cubic Foot functionality in the following areas: (WD-1450, WD-1451, WD-1452, WD-1694)
    1. Administration > Base Rate > Rate Type
      Customers > Item No
      Imports > Items Import
      Reports > Inventory Report
      Billing & Payments > Billing per Quantity
  • Move Location functionality on the Move Quantity Transactions:
    The users are able to set another locations for vaults/pallets that have a location. The users are able to set the location of a vault/pallet that has no location. Check of the Default Data: Check on the first log in of a user that all the default data was inserted correctly after new functionality was implemented. (WD-1721)
  • Double Validation on the Finalize Billing Period button:
    When Finalizing a Billing Period, trigger the generate button to make sure that all the invoices are considered for the Billing Period and only then Finalize. (WD-1723)
  • Edit the Bill Type Quantity on Receiving Inbound:
    The user will have the possibility to edit the Bill Type Quantity for the Item No which have a Bill Type CWT, CUFT or SQFT until the Transaction is set to Completed. (WD-1724)
June 20, 2019

The main goal of this release was to re-implement the structure of the invoices in PDF format, changes on the invoice history Excel export, Receiving/Processing dates restrictions on the Inbound/Outbound transactions, creating the import page, the customers import, locations import, download of the imports templates, instructions and export to excel of the errors and finally the review of the permissions of the workers users.

    • Customers Import (WD-1417)
    • Import Page (WD-1419)
    • Locations Import – Locations (WD-1432)
    • Worker Users Permissions Review (WD-1455)
    • Locations Import - Vault and Pallets (WD-1552)
    • Re-implement the PDF structure of the invoices (WD-1586)
    • Integrate Customer No and devise Item Code in 3 columns on the Invoice History Excel Export (WD-1622)
    • Integrate Processing/Completed Time Restrictions for Inbound and Outbound Transactions (WD-1639)
    • Imports – Download Import Errors (WD-1667)
    • Imports – Download Import Templates and Instructions (WD-1668)
    • Unit test (WD-1623, WD-1690, WD-1691)
May 9, 2019

The main goal of this release was to integrate the pallet functionalities, changes on the inventory and transactions reports and delivery ticket on the outbound.

    • Integrate Pallets in Inbound and Stock Transactions (WD-1424)
    • Integrate Pallets in Outbound Transactions (WD-1434)
    • Integrate Pallets in Adjustments Transactions (WD-1435)
    • Integrate Pallets in Move Quantity Transactions (WD-1436)
    • Integrate Pallets in the Billing Calculations (WD-1439)
    • Incorporate Pallets and Vaults on the Snapshot level (WD-1442)
    • Integrate Vaults in the Billing Calculations (WD-1554)
    • Restrict Base Rate Assignation on Items Billed by Pallet/Vault (WD-1536)
    • Integrate Pallets in Move Location Content Transactions (WD-1507)
    • Integrate Pallets in Change Location Transactions (WD-1508)
    • Restrict Move Location Transactions for Items Billed by Pallet/Vault (WD-1546)
    • Receiving Inbound Transactions > Restrict location assignation for items billed by pallet/vault (Handling In and Storage) (WD-1438)
    • Adjustments > Add item > Restrict location assignation for items billed by vault/pallet. (Storage and Handling Out) (WD-1544)
    • Move Quantity > Restrict location assignation for items billed by vault/pallet. (Storage and Handling Out) (WD-1545)
    • Warehouse > Locations > Add new positions to the automatic location builder on warehouse level. (WD-1449)
    • Inbound, Outbound > Rename label for attachments on inbound/Outbound Transactions (WD-1496)
    • Integrate the Location Information on the Inventory Report (WD-1583)
    • Integrate Additional Information on the Inventory and Transaction Reports (PO#, Item Description) (WD-1548)
    • Processing Outbound Transactions, Generate the Delivery Ticket (WD-1519)
    • Custom/Default Rates - Conditionally Display Daily/Monthly/Transaction next to Charge and Minimum amount based on Rate by selection (WD-1441)
February 21, 2019

Password reset functionality

      • Added options to set/reset password when logging in through a new Set Account page (WD-1407, WD-1408)
      • Resend reset password email option added to Accounts & Permissions (WD-1415)
      • Resend reset password email option added to EWS Super Admin (WP-1418)
    • Customer contacts can view Inventory Report for linked customer accounts. (WD-1334)
January 23, 2019

Customer Facing Web now available

      • Accounts & Permissions: Customer contacts can access contact information based on a Client or Admin roll. Client role is read-only and the Admin role can create and edit additional contacts. (WD-1285, WD-1244). Set the Email address on a customer contact through the Add and Edit New User dialogs. (WD-1288)
      • Customer contacts have the ability to view customer-specific item information. (WD-1249)
      • Customer listing available to customer contacts if they are linked to two or more customer records. (WD-1241)
      • Customer contacts can view and edit details for Expected Inbound transactions. They can also view Receiving inbound transaction information for linked customer accounts. (WD-1290, WD-1296, WD-1297)
      • Customer contacts can add and edit Requested Outbound transactions for linked customer accounts. (WD-1303, WD-1304)
      • Customer contacts can view Additional Charges for linked customer accounts. (WD-1302)
Billing & History
      • Customer contacts can view Invoice History for linked customer accounts. (WD-1322)
      • Customer contacts can export and download Invoice History reports. (WD-1342)
    • Customer contacts can view Inventory Report for linked customer accounts. (WD-1334)
December 17, 2018

Initial roll-out of Customer Facing Website (internal release only), changes to the base rates for handling, and replace Customer Name with Company Name.

      • The Customer label referenced throughout the application now displays the Company Name instead of the Customer Number. This change also affects invoices. Invoices now download into the folder with the naming of Warehouse Name_Company Name_Month_Year_Warehouse Code and the Company Name shows instead of the Customer Number on the generated invoice. (WD-1343)
Billing & Payments
    • Base rate for Handling In/Out transactions is now defaults to the transaction minimum amount instead of a monthly minimum amount (WD-1331)
November 19, 2018

Administration website now available to EWS Group personnel, preliminary Customer Facing Web (CFW) setup added, and ability to mark a Location as inactive.

      • Option to filter and add Locations based on a new Location Type selector available through Administration > Warehouses > Locations (WD-198)
      • You can mark a location as inactive through the Make Inactive option added to the Locations section in Administration > Warehouses (WD-1208)
      • Preliminary work began on the Customer Facing Web setup (WD-1217)
Billing & Payments
      • Correction to the way time zones are interpreted to avoid duplicate billing periods (WD-1199)
    • Export option available through Reports > Inventory Report allows you to download to XLSX a spreadsheet of all results in the customer listing (WD-1185)
    • Transaction Report correctly filtering results based on additional Search entries (WD-1218)
    • Invoice Report no longer producing an error when using the Search feature (WD-1216)
October 18, 2018

Transaction and inventory reports added along with the ability to import inventory items from file.

Billing & Payments
      • PDF generated for invoices includes information on the customer, warehouse and billing period (WD-564)
      • Export details of invoices added (WD-1156)
      • Ability to import inventory items for customers through the new Customers > Import Items option (WD-1155)
    • New navigation category titled Reports that contains Transaction Report and Inventory Report options
    • Generate Transaction Reports and export results available (WD-1164, WD-1184)
    • Generate Invoice Reports available (WD-176)
September 20, 2018
      • A warehouse can now be marked as inactive. This removes it from assignment screens and related lists (WD-912)
      • New Warehouse Code available which is used to identify the warehouse on an invoice. A script will automatically run when you load this version that will assign a Warehouse Code to all existing warehouses. The format of the code is the first three letters of the Warehouse Name and a single number, i.e. warehouse with name of Acme will be assigned a code of ACM1. If the code is not unique, then the fourth digit is incremented to one not currently in use. (WD-909)
      • Required fields are denoted by a red asterisk (*) (WD-956)
      • Security features added to the login, such as disabling the account for 30 minutes after ten failed attempts. (WD-896)
      • Feedback option added allowing you to help improve the MSWhse product. The Feedback link is in the lower right corner of the screen and is part of an integration with UserVoice. (WD-911)
Billing & Payments
      • Invoice is now attached to customer email during a batch billing generation (WD-383)
      • Invoice Number now includes the new Warehouse Code. The format of the Invoice Number is now Warehouse Code - Invoice Number. (WD-909)
Inbound and Outbound Transactions
    • All quantity assigned to items are included in an outbound transaction (WD-1076, WD-1077)
    • You can specify an Inventory Number within the details of an Outbound transaction, including the option to choose Without Inventory. The inventory selector allows you to choose from a list of inventory items at the location. This provides the ability to adjust inventory levels at the time of outbound. (WD-961, WD-1078, WD-1079)
August 9, 2018

Implemented Adjustments page, the ability to send emails to customers and upload attachments at transaction item level:

      • Adjustment page added including the ability to add item to a location
      • Customer notification email settings and send email to customer functionality added
      • Upload attachments at transaction item level
      • Progress bar for generate invoices
Quantity Adjustment
      • New page and options added
      • Add item to location
Inbound and Outbound Transactions
      • Upload and view attachments at transaction item level
      • Notification e-mail
      • Notification e-mail at customer level
      • Upload attachments at transaction item level
Billing and Payments
      • Billing progress indicator during generate invoice
Warehouse and Vaults
    • Add customer in Vault list
July 12, 2018
  • Base Rates - changes to how we define rates
  • Finalize weight per transaction billing
  • Manual Location Builder
  • Added confirmation dialog to finalizing Invoices
June 15, 2018
    • Weight per transaction work completed and fully released
    • Added ability to capture Manufacturer on Item setup for customers
    • Added ability to add an item to a customer on the fly from an inbound transaction
    • Corrected address inconsistencies on the Invoice
    • Move Inbound and Outbound popups to full page with minor design changes
    • Added initial support for weight per transaction support to Customer Setup and the Billing Process
    • Added ability to edit contact information on a Warehouse
    • Updated the warehouse person field on Inbound and Outbound transactions, added last modified by tracking
    • Implemented Snapshot of storage items when invoices are finalized
April 4, 2018 - First Production Release
Customer Setup
      • Setup billing information, contacts, addresses, etc.
      • Setup storage items
      • Setup customer rates
Warehouse Setup
      • Setup warehouse information, contacts, addresses, etc.
      • Setup locations and vaults
      • Setup base/default rates per warehouse
User Setup
      • Create user, assign permissions
Inbound Transactions
      • Log expected inbound, actual inbound and finalized inbound transactions
Outbound Transactions
      • Log requested outbound, actual outbound and finalized outbound transactions
Move Functionality
      • Move from Location to Location
      • Move vaults from location to location
Additional Charges
      • Capture additional charges for invoicing
Generate Invoices
Finalize Invoices
Payment Tracking