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MoversSuite Warehouse Version V1R2

Release Date: December 14th, 2020

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The main goal of this release is to provide performance enhancements to the users. Also, now Locations with positions can be created both with the Manual and Automatic builder, if there is a corresponding location type of "Racks". The positions are represented by tags with three different letters:

  • L - Left
  • C - Center
  • R - Right

New Business Rules

Listed below are some of the business rules for MoversSuite Warehouse, which have been updated:

  • The Location Types created with a RACK setting can contain locations with positions.
  • Location Types created with a VAULT setting cannot contain locations with positions. Hence, Vaults will never be assigned to locations with positions.
  • Pallets can be assigned both on locations with positions and on simple locations (base locations). However:
    • For locations with positions, multiple pallets can be assigned to the same location but on distinct positions. Other inventory is permitted on the positions on which a pallet is assigned.
    • For locations without positions, there are no restrictions in terms of how many pallets can go on the location.


  • Create Location Type with Racks: In order to create Locations with Positions, the Location Type to which the Location is attached must have a Rack setting enabled.
  • Create Locations with Positions: Creating Locations with Positions can be done on a Warehouse level both manually and automatically.
  • Import Locations with Positions: Import Instructions and Template are updated to guide you in importing Locations with Positions.
  • Locations with Positions in Inbound/Stock Transactions & Stock Import:
    • Positions are represented by tags on the Inbound/Stock transactions.
    • If the selected Location was set up with positions, selecting minimum one position is mandatory to be able to save the transaction.
    • Positions must be selected in consecutive order.
    • Only one Pallet is permitted per position.
    • Vaults cannot be assigned to locations with positions.
  • Adjust the quantity on a location with positions:
    • Location drop-down filter now also contains the Locations concatenated with their corresponding Position(s).
    • The results from the table are organized based on the existing occupied locations and locations with position(s).
  • Add Item to a new location:
    • By selecting the Add Item to a Location button, a pop-up opens which will allow you to add an Item No to a location that is not part of the Adjustments Table.
    • If the Location contains positions, same assignation rules as on Inbound/Stock transactions apply here.
  • Add Item in the context of a location: By selecting the Add Item option available for every entry on the Adjustments table, the user will have the possibility to assign on a Vault/Pallet/Location/Location with position new storage.
  • Move Quantity to a Location with Positions:
    • If the selected Move To Location contains positions, the same assignation rules as on Inbound/Stock transactions apply here.
    • Positions are represented by tags.
  • Move Location from a Location with Positions:The Item Name field is displayed on:
    • If the selected Move From is a Location with Positions, the positions are displayed in a drop-down. Selecting one option from the drop-down is mandatory.
    • If the selected Move From a Pallet with Positions, the corresponding location and positions are displayed in the location drop-down.
  • Move Location to a Location with Positions:
    • If the selected Move To Location contains positions, the same assignation rules as on Inbound/Stock transactions apply here.
    • Positions are represented by tags.
  • Location with Positions on Reports:Location with Positions are integrated on the following reports:
    • Inventory Report
    • FIFO Inventory Report
    • Inventory Report by Location
  • FIFO with Expiration Date on Inbound: Adding a different expiration Date on Inbound/Stock Transactions is now done on the transaction item location level.
  • Pallets assignment on Locations: You can no longer assign Pallets to Locations from the Vaults/Pallets Import. Pallets are to be assigned on Location from Inbound, Stock, Move To, Add Item transactions.
  • Base Rate – Rate Type changes: After an Item No is included in a Completed Inbound Transaction, the Rate Type of the Base Rate set on the Item can no longer be modified.

Contact & Sign-up Information

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If you are an existing customer and need product support, please open a Help Desk ticket or refer to the FAQs section below for more information.

New Customer?

If you are wishing to learn more about our Warehouse Management solution, then the first step is to contact us. Once we hear from you, our professional sales team can answer all your questions and provide you with real-world demonstrations.

Decide how you wish to contact us:

  • Use the form available through the Contact Us link
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Once enrolled, we will provide you a URL and login information along with assistance to ensure that you are off to a great start. Feel free to view our User Guides and Videos section to learn more about MoversSuite Warehouse and what it can do for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my company signed up for MoversSuite Warehouse?

Simply contact us through either email, phone, or by using the Contact Us form and our professional team of warehouse management specialists will get you off to a great start.

What technology is utilized to develop MoversSuite Warehouse?

MoversSuite Warehouse is a cloud-based software application that runs on top of Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions. It is a multi-tenant solution providing subdomains for each tenant you wish to establish and is accessible from any device and is tablet ready.

Is MoversSuite Warehouse safe and secure?

Yes! MoversSuite Warehouse provides many safeguards to ensure your data is secured. Some of these safeguards include the following:

  • Hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution with their top-of-the-industry compliance and privacy certifications. Read more.
  • OWASP Top 10 Security Compliant. Read more.
  • Automated, continuous backups
How many warehouse companies can I establish?

You can establish any number of unique companies and as many warehouses within each company as needed. Each company will have its own unique tenant identifier and unique URL for safe and secure access.

Does MoversSuite Warehouse support companies working internationally?

MoversSuite Warehouse does not provide support for international warehousing at this time. Look for this feature being added in an upcoming release.

Can my customers see information regarding their items?

Yes. You can provide user access scalable to fit any need. So, if you wish to have your customers view their inbound and outbound transactions, you can provide them with user access with just enough privileges to view their content. You can also set up your customers to schedule transactions and update inventory, as well.

Is there a recommended browser for MoversSuite Warehouse?

Recommended browsers for MoversSuite Warehouse include the following:

  • Google Chrome (latest stable version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest stable version)
  • Microsoft Edge (latest stable version)
  • Safari on iPad
How often are MoversSuite Warehouse features and functionality updated?

New features and updates occur monthly through a continuously integrated release cycle. You can read about recently added features and updates through our Release History section (below).

Are there any great features anticipated in future releases of MoversSuite Warehouse?

Yes. We anticipate the following features being added in upcoming releases: (check back often)

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please view our Privacy Policy page.

User Guides & Videos

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Release History

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